Smile y’all–life is beautiful!

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Hello, Crystal here. Owner/Maker/smile giver. Yep, that’s me. Creating one unique and custom smile at a time. Glad you stopped by. I love coffee and great books. You can find me outside chasing my children around or playing in my garden dirt. I love life!

I enjoy the creative process of making new things. I find myself dabbling in many different creative works, but mainly I stick to sewing, embroidery, and vinyl projects. I draw inspiration from the glory of our God. So many beautiful facets of His goodness.

I’m a wife of 20+ years and a mother to six amazing children. I hope to bring laughter and joy to those I encounter.

This life can get heavy. Why not lighten it up with laughter and good gifts? My hope is to sprinkle laughter and joy with every item I create, bringing to life the distinctive character behind us all. Creating one unique and custom smile at a time.

Live-Laugh-Love-Torah! A simple motto but a game-changer when we put our faith into action. I love life! Be a smile giver. Living the tov life. You’ll find DIY’s, testimonies, and inspired writings on my blog, along with some awesomely unique gift items.

Thanks for stopping by and remember shop small!

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