Who do you say He is?

As I was researching the different names of YHWH I was surprised to know that He has many. More than just a few. I began to ponder the different titles given to Adonai and what their meanings where. I found comfort in knowing I too have many titles. I am Wife, Mom, Friend, blogger just to name a few. These titles all define me in a unique way. Like our Abba we have many facets to ourselves. YHWH Nissi is a personal favorite.  Yah my banner. When we dive into His word, we find out banners had much significance to Ancient Israel.

In the book of Numbers, I discovered there are more than two words for a banner. I have a blog I’m working on that goes into more details. I am a little biased here because I am a banner maker, but there is such beauty behind the idea. YHWH Tzevaot, Yah of Hosts. A host of what, I naturally began to ponder. Of much indeed! The word origin for host has some interesting definitions. A host is usually thought of as one who provides for a stranger, visitor, sojourner, etc. But did you know it could also mean a multitude as in an army? Wow, guys! Now, this definition knocked my socks off. The Latin word for host is hostia, and it means consecrated bread and sacrifice. I could not help but stop what I was doing and thank Him for all that He is. The more I studied, the more intrigued I became with our Hashem. My creative gears started churning, and I wanted all to know these glorious names! 

  • Adonai- Lord, Master
  • El Olam- The Everlasting Yah
  • Elohim-God
  • El Gibhor- Yah The Mighty
  • El Chuwl- Yah Who Gives Life
  • Hashem- The Name
  • El Shaddai- Yah Almighty
  • El Gibhor- Mighty Yah
  • El Roi- Yah That See’s
  • Yahweh
  • I Am That I Am
  • El Elyon- The Most High Yah
  • YHWH Nissi- Yah My Banner
  • El Chuwl- Yah That Gave Birth
  • YHWH Yireh- Yah Will Provide
  • YHWH Mekoddishkim- Yah Who Sanctifies You
  • YHWH Rapha- Yah that Heals
  • YHWH Raah- Yah My Shepherd
  • YHWH Shammah- Yah Is Present
  • YHWH Tsidkenu- Yah Our Righteousness
  • YHWH Tzevaot- Yah Of Hosts
  • YHWH Shalom- Yah is Peace

15 Through Yeshua then, let us continually offer up to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips giving thanks to His name. (Hebrews 13:15)

Let’s ponder something. If We were to take any word and place it after Yah, couldn’t that be one of the names of YHWH? Yah is compassionate. Yah is chesed. Yah is I AM THAT I AM! Such an awe-inspiring topic, don’t you agree? He is all and everything. This gives me great comfort that we serve such a loving Yah. He is love! (1st John 4:4-21) I pray this list has blessed you. A dear friend of mine has shared a wonderful idea with me. She said, “Crystal why don’t you make this an in-depth blog series on His names?” Indeed, I will beloved friend of mine! Be on the lookout for the teaching series in the future- Names of YHWH.If you are interested in purchasing some cool stickers, hit the link below. 

My wish for us all is to continuously sing His praises and give thanks to His many characteristics. Until next time peeps, keep living the tov life! If you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe to stay up to date with Its All Tov and receive a free Shema Watercolor print via email, as a thank you for supporting this small blog.



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By Crystal Sedillo

Hey, I'm Crystal. I love to dig deeper into Scripture and find hidden gems. I like to read a lot, write and create beautiful wall art. I'm a homeschooling Mother of six. Happily married to my life long best friend. Robert and I reside in New Mexico with our children. I have a desire to align my song with my Elohim's tune. A true INFJ. My heart belongs to the widows and orphans, the fatherless and those diamonds in the rough.


  1. Those stickers are so beautiful! Your words and heart make me happy inside where it counts. We share a divine connection that has brought much healing to our souls. YHWH Rapha- Yah that Heals. I can see each Name in All things Tov.

  2. You are such an amazing friend to me! Definitely, a Yah connection beloved one. Im looking forward to new beginnings. Thank you for always encouraging me. Your words are like honey, sweet to my soul.

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